Monday, April 14, 2008

I love Chloe.

I love Chloe Sevigny.
She reminds me of everything I love(d) about the nineties.
Her new clothing line with Opening Ceremony represents the unpretentious fashion sense of the 90's decade with floral baby doll dresses and ripped tights.
I long for those days.

I also recently watched the Smog video for 'I Feel Like the Mother of the World' -- starring Miss Sevigny and it is great.


Sonja Ahlers said...

hold the presses.
i got FRIENDS WITH MONEY mixed up with LOVELY AND AMAZING. watch them BOTH

did i ever tell you my chloe stories?i worked on a movie with her. i was paid to do a blog at that time and i wrote about it.
you been watching BIG LOVE?
start making your sandwiches and get on that shit if you haven't. xoxooxxo

Daniel said...

when people ask me, "dan, why do you like gross things so much?" I can only reply, "because they are real." gross things like poop and blood are not perfumed or airbrushed. they are a chunky slice of reality, real real real.
which is to say, this girl looks like an 11 year-old boy wearing a cape. maybe she wants to be a magician when she grows up?

Anonymous said...

she went down on some dude in a movie