Thursday, April 24, 2008

He's Always Closing His Eyes, Like it Hurts to Look at Things

I tried to pick just one video for this post, but I had to include a video with "Late at Night" by Buffalo Tom. It is the quintessential My So Called Life soundtrack song. It reminds me of how I felt watching the episode where Jordon goes public with Angela (!) He was such a lowdown dog, but when I was 13 I thought he was so aloof with that leather band around his neck.

I watch 'My So Called Life' every single morning while I am getting dressed and ready for work. Something about this show is my ultimate comfort. Maybe because it is pure nineties. I thought about making a list of all the things I love(d) about the nineties, but it would be too long. It comes in flashes. Like certain songs and bands. Poe. Dishwalla. Primitive Radio Gods. Luscious Jackson. White Town. Duncan Sheik. Sugar. Some bands that you really loved and some that just had certain songs that passed through. Everything seemed so unpretentious and open. Maybe the time was just right for me (10-20 years old), but the style seemed very pick and choose. Thinking of that in a time where fashion & trends seem based on the bourgeois. No more shows like 'My So Called Life,' but now only reality tv about rich girls.

I miss flannels and baggy jeans.

I'll probably blog about the 90's repeatedly. My nostalgia for this time is just overwhelming.

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Sonja Ahlers said...

suzy, that made me cry.thank you for posting it. it's so beautiful.