Sunday, April 13, 2008

Black is all colors at one time.

Sandwich I made tonight:

2 pieces of quality bread.
1/4 avocado.
1/4 c. black beans.
2 tbspns salsa.
handful shredded sharp cheddar.
cream cheese (enough to coat one side of the inside of the bread) i use tofutti.
butter for the outside of the bread.

Put all of these ingredients together and cook like a grilled cheese in a pan with butter
and a spatula.

Now I think I am going to go watch 'Friends with Money'
which stars two of my favorite actresses, Francis McDormand and Catherine Keener.


Sonja Ahlers said...

yeah hi.
i LOVE that movie.
catherine keener's character - her ART..that freaking handpainted wallpaper..jennifer anniston and her free samples...
love it.all the messed quirks.

Daniel said...

sandwhich i made:
2 slices of frozen pee
red poop
pubic hair
shreds of foot skin
butter for outside of bread

cook it in a pan!

(this is a D.O. recipe-hope you like it)