Monday, September 8, 2008

Dream House

When I was a little girl the Barbie Dream House was passed down to me from my aunt. While hunting on e.bay for project items I came across it, "buy it now" price of close to $250. Seeing the house flooded my brain with memories, like remembering again the pink plastic vanity with the reflective sticker for a mirror, the slatted push out windows and the divided 3 sections of the house. It is strange to come across something from childhood that once provided a wealth of storytelling. I would spend hours & hours alone in my room thinking up stories for Barbie & each of the characters. People often look down on Barbie, what she stands for as a cultural icon, I have plenty of friends that brag about not having played with Barbies, but Barbie was a huge part of how I grew into being a creative person. Sure, if Barbie was a real person her doll body to real body ratio would render her unlivable, but she is a doll and at 8 years old she is just a means of transport for an active imagination!

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